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The Full Spectrum Map

Full Spectrum Life Coaching utilises a 7 stage map of human development that taps into western developmental psychology and ancient eastern wisdom.

It includes all of the aspects that make up being a balanced and well developed human being and following this map allows an individual to reach their full and unique potential.

This map offers a guide to developing resources in each area of life so that we can embrace life, fully live and express ourselves authentically. The map is the same for each person, but the journey will be unique. We all contain certain aspects that make up a whole human being, but these have different strengths, challenges and balances and are expressed in different ways within each of us. We are all uniquely the same.

The Full Spectrum Map offers a map to the aspects to be developed for a fulfilling life and Full Spectrum Life Coaching offers the tools to facilitate the journey.

The map is as follows – each step makes up one colour of the spectrum:
Basic life needs; warmth, air, food, drink, shelter, sleep, survival, self-preservation, trust
Emotional intelligence/expression, protection, security, limits, stability, pleasure
Achievement, power/will, responsibility, vitality, self-definition
Belonging, love, family, affection, relationships, self-acceptance, compassion
Knowledge, meaning, creativity, self-awareness, self-expression
Beauty, balance, intuition, imagination, clarity of mind/mindfulness
Personal growth, self-fulfilment, wisdom, awareness, connection


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