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The activities are very practical and easy to do in smaller spaces or spaces with desks. We include activities adapted for both one on one and team/class sessions (as many programs don't translate well between the two settings which is frustrating for those who wish to use them for both/or one particular setting).

The main activity really depends on the nature of the story and what it is trying to get across. Many of the activities are metaphorical in themselves - for example there is a clever way, just using cornflour and water in a tray, to illustrate how if we push too hard sometimes we do not get anywhere, whereas a gentle approach and patience often yields great results (this will be an exercise suggested within a story about the healthy use of will). These sort of exercises stick in a child's mind forever and also go 'into' the body to be held as embodied wisdom and get absorbed on the level of emotional intelligence.




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There will always be a series of questions to either use one on one for discussion and reflection (i.e. life coaching) or in a group session they can be used to inspire reflective writing, artwork and/or group discussion.

There will be a creative visualisation or meditation exercise included with most stories.

Sometimes there will be an additional creative/art based activity or an activity sheet to complete.

Sometimes there will be an additional game that can either be played one on one or adapted to be a team game or done in pairs within a class/team.

There will be a full guide for the coach/parent/teacher regarding the life skill presented within the story and a guide to delivering the activities and discussions. There will also be suggestions for integration ~ reminding children of (or encouraging the use of) the skill within day to day interactions, challenges, team building or class situations.

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