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A truly magical alternative to traditional birthday parties, a Rainbow Children® birthday celebration is an honouring of your child and your child’s journey into being.

The child is dressed in a rainbow cape and becomes the ‘rainbow child’. Each of the other children dresses up as one of the characters or simply chooses a character to act as.

The children are led on a magical crystal hunt within a journey through the elements with music, dancing, singing, movement and gentle movement based games ~ with each of the other children, in character, helping your child and adding their own gifts to help make your child’s journey wonderful in every way.

After this beautiful journey and the rainbow relaxation, the special birthday candle is lit and a song is sung in honour of the child’s uniqueness (the children tend to join in during the second round of singing). A story is then told of the child’s decision to come to the Earth to do their work here and their guardian angel leading them down the rainbow bridge to Earth, introducing them along the way to each rainbow child friend who will support and guide them during their time here and then the child being given to their eagerly awaiting parents who name them (including the reason for choosing this name for the child if this is wanted).

The birthday child is given a velvet bag containing the crystals, candle and a special healing, positive affirmation. The birthday child gives each of the other children a rainbow moonstone crystal and some special ‘love bubbles’ that feature in the birthday celebration journey. A printed, personalised version of the birthday story can be ordered here.

Following the journey and the honouring of the child the children tend to be enlivened and yet relaxed and calm and sit peacefully to eat their birthday food.

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