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Suitable for many different ages and settings

The Rainbow Children stories and activity format form a treasure trove for all those working with and connecting with children aged two to eight, and those of us who are somewhat older but still connect to their inner children! These include parents, schoolteachers, teaching assistants, and those supporting people with special needs. The stories and activities are suitable for those with no experience of teaching movement, yoga, or dance and are also aimed at yoga and dance teachers (those wishing to offer the full Rainbow Children® format will need to undertake a teacher training and obtain a licence).

Rainbow Children has been taught to a variety of different age groups, adapting the activities and stories to suit the understanding of the age range being taught.

A positive affirming activity to share

The stories and characters, along with the movement activities, bring balance and give children the inner resources to deal with life’s challenges. The songs are not only beautiful but are affirmations and create a positive outlook and increase self-esteem. The illustrations are soft and drawn in a childlike way so that children can relate to them and are both encouraged and inspired artistically.

Ideas for home and school formats



The gift within each story

The first story, Journey to the Light, introduces the characters and brings a sense of balance; the following stories address these challenges:

Mulad’s New home - Moving home or to school/dealing with life changes/feeling secure.

Tana’s Heavy Load - Recognising and processing feelings/dealing with others’ feelings/feeling supported/emotional intelligence/allowing life to flow.

Mani’s Fierce Fire - Managing the will forces/power and strength versus anger and force/dealing with anger and fiery tempers in positive ways/taking positive action.

Ana’s Robin - Attachment/loneliness/the nature of love/loving yourself.

Vishud Lost Words - Speaking out/finding your voice/understanding yourself/speaking your truth.

Aja’s Misty Mountain - Presence (being in the present moment)/clearing the mind/letting go of thoughts and negative thought patterns/creating a positive world by thinking positive thoughts/opening to innate inner wisdom.

Hasra’s Connection - A sense of connection and interdependence/acceptance of the life-death cycle/understanding of the elements and how we embody these/connection to self and nature.


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